Best Pharmacy Physics Chemistry Equipments and Instruments in India  
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Product Range

Active response apparatus

Ampule clarity test set

Ampule filling and sealing device

Analgesiometer eddy's hot plate old model

Ampule washing device

Analgesiometer mark iv

Analgesiometer tail flick

Capsule filling machine

Coating pan

Collapsible tube filling machine

Conical percolator

Continuance avoidance response test apparatus

Cook's pole climbing

Crimping machine

Digital display elapsed time

Digital display multiple choice apparatus time

Different kind of levers

Different kind of suppository moulds

Digital activity cage

Digital activity cage new model

Digital multiple choice apparatus

Disintegration double basket

Disintegration test apparatus

Dispensing balance

Dissolution rate test apparatus three stage

Dissolution rate test apparatus two stage

Dissolution six stage jar test apparatus

Eddy's hot plate new model

Electro convulsometer

Flic fusion apparatus

Friability single drum

Hard stabilimeter with led and buzzer

Hard stabilimeter with time & error counter

Histamine chamber

Jumping box apparatus

Manmalian heart

Mixing vat with stirrer

Tablet hardness tester monsanto type

Disintegrator test apparatus small/pulverizer motorised

Disintegrator test apparatus big motorised 000

Operation table (brodie)

Operation table mildsteel

Operation table small frog board

Operation table small tilt type


Polishing pan

Rabbit holder

Recording drum

Rota rod apparatus

Shock chamber

Simple unit organ bath

Smoking stand and kerosene burner



Surface tension capillary stand

Swimming test apparatus

Tablet filling machine motorised

Tincture press

Vaccum pump


Dissolution rate test appt. six stage

Aspirator bottle


Battery jar round

Bell jar without stopper

Bell jar knobbed

Canada balsam bottle

Calcium chloride tower

Cavity block

Couplin jar

Dropping bottle t.k pattern

Dessicator plain

Dessicator vaccum

Flask round bottom(boulding)

Flasks flat bottom(boiling)

Flask conical (erlenmeyer)

Gas jar with cover

Pestle & mortar

Conical measure (urine test glass)

Flask filtering

Gas generating apparatus kipps

Flasks measuring

Pneumatic trough

Measuring cylinder

Lechlanche cell pot

Reagent bottles (wide mouth)


Petri dish

Spirit lamp

Reagent bottles (narrow mouth)

Specimen jar round with glass stopper

Jar staining rectangular

Rainguage cylinder

Specimen jar rectangular without cover

Specimen jar with bakelite cap

Winchester bottle

Woulf bottle

Flask retort

Fractional column bulb form

Fractional column simple

Condensor grahm

Fractional column vigrex

Condensor air

Condensor allihn

Condensor allihn with cone and socket

Condensor liebig

Measuring cylinder hexagonal base

Measuring cylinder plastic base

Flask conical (erlenmeter)

Flask conical filteration

Flask conical with interchangable stopper

Flask conical with screw cap

Flask distillation

Flask flat bottom

Flask iodine

Flask kjeldahl

Flask retort with interchangable stopper

Flask round bottom three neck

Flask round bottom two neck

Flask volumatric with interchangable stopper

Funnel buchner

Funnel dropping with stopcock

Funnel dropping with stopper

Funnel long stem

Air leak tubes

Funnel thissle with stopcock

Combustion tubes

Connection tubes t shaped

Funnel seperating

Convection tubes

Connection tubes y shaped

Connection tubes u shaped

Funnel thissle with stem

Funnel short stem

Test tubes graduated

Beaker low form with spout

Test tubes plain

Weighing bottle with stopper

Woulf bottle three neck

Aspirator bottle with side outlet for stopper

Reagent bottle nm with screw cap

Pipette measuring

Reagent bottle wm with interchangable stopper

Pipette volumatric

Reagent bottle wide mouth with screw cap

Bod bottle with interchangable stopper

Reagent bottle nm with interchangable stopper

Beaker tall form with spout

Specific gravity bottle

Adopter 3 neck

Chromatography columns

Absorption tower

Chromatography reserviors

Adopter expansion

Dessicators vaccum

Cone double

Adopter 2 neck

Dessicators non- vaccum

Crystallising dish

Filter pump

Socket single

Cone single

Soxlets extraction apparatus


Distillation apparatus

Socket double

Petri dish

Weighing scoop

Water level

Abbe's refractometer

Autoclave, electric

Autoclave horizontal cylindrical

Autoclave horizontal rectangular

Autoclave, non electric al.

Autoclave, non electric ss.

Autoclave vertical (triple walled high pressure)

Autoclave vertical double walled

Automatic knife sharpener (a.t. type)

Automatic knife sharpener (spencer type)

Biological safety cabinet

Blood cell counter

Bowl stainless steel

Capillary tubes

Capsule filling machine

Centrifuge clinical

Centrifuge compact laboratory

Colony counter

Centrifuge medico

Digital colony counter

Digital dissolved oxygen meter

Digital ph meter

Digital photo colorimeter

Dressing drums

Gyratory sieve shaker

Fume hood

Flash point apparatus

Flame photometer


Horizontal (reciprocating) kahn shaker

Hot plate rectangular

Heating mantle (made of glass yarn)

Hand & table microtome


Humidity cabinet(refrigrated type)

Laboratory conductivity meter

Instrument trays with cover

Hot plate laboratory

Incubator orbital shaking

Instrument sterilizer electrical

Karl fischer titrimeter

Incubator egg

Kjeldhal digestion apparatus

Infra red moisutre balance

Kjeldhal distillation apparatus with glass parts


Incubator b.o.d low temperature

Laboratory polarimeter

Laboratory stirrer

Laboratory water distillation still (table pattern barnstead type )

Laminar air flow


Lyophillizer (freeze dryer)

Magnetic stirrer (improved model)

Microprocessor kf moisture titrator

Mortuary chamber

Muffle furnace (industrial use)

Muffle furnace (laboratory use)

Oven and incubator combined

Oven drying(industrial use)

Universal hot air oven

Oven vaccum

Parafin embedding bath

Portable water/soil analysis kits

Reading device

Water bath rectangular double walled

Rocking microtome (cambridge type)

Rotap sieve shaker

Rotary flash evaporator

Rotary shaker (closed body)


Seed germinator (dual chamber)

Senior precision rotary microtome (spencer type)

Water bath serological

Shaking machine (griffin flask shaker)





Student organ bath

Suction apparatus

Table sieve shaker

Test sieves

Tissue floatation bath

Vacuum pump rotary

V.d.r.l. rotator

Vortex shaker (test tube shaker )

Wagner shaking machine

Wall mounting(water still)

Wash basin, stainless steel

Water bath dubb off

Wheel chair folding

Wrist action

Analytical funnel

Animal cage (twin grill)

Atomic model set (euro design)


Carboy with stop cock

Cell scraper

Connectors (cross)

Connectors (l shaped)

Connectors (t & y new)

Draining basket

Heavy duty vaccum bottle

L shaped spreader

Measuring jugs(euro design)

Micro pestle

Micro tip box(new)

Narrow mouth bottle

Petri dish (culture)

Policeman stirring rod

Rack for micro centrifuge(folding)

Slide storage rack

Soft loop sterile

Speciman jar(gas jar)

Staining box

Test tube with screw cap

Universal multi rack

Universal reagent reservior

Wide mouth square bottle

Wide mouth wash bottle

B.p. handle


Clinostat electric

Clinostat electric

Disecting scissors, blunt type

Disecting scissors, straight

Disection box/disecting set

Disecting trays

Film slide projector

Film slide projector

Forceps, blunt ends

Glass manometer tube mounted

Hand microtome

Insect collecting net with aluminium handle

J tube, screw fitting

Leaf area cutter

Micro cover glass

Microscope cavity slides

Microscope slides

Overhead projector


Plankton net

Potometer 'h' type

Potometer farmer's

Potometer simple

Potometer, ganong's

Potometer, thoday's

Precision rotary microtome


Root pressure manometer

Rotary microtome

Scalpal handle

Simple auxanometer

Simple respirometer

Slide box wooden

Slide cabinet

Slide tray aluminium

Transpiration apparatus

Binocular research microscope

Camera lucida prism type

Camera lucida mirror type

Dissecting microscope

Dissecting microscope senior

Monocular microscope

Junior microscope

Projection microscope

Medical research microscope

Single nose microscope

Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope

Student microscope

Trinocular research microscope

Human torso without head

Human torso with interchangeable sex organs

Human torso with head, half size

Human ear, 3 parts

Human ear, 6 parts

Human heart 3 parts

Human heart 4 parts

Human kidney

Human youth heart

Human stomach

Human liver with gall bladder

Human skin

Balance analytical

Balance counter

Balance mass

Balance physical

Balance tripple beam

Balance double beam

Roberval balance

Barometer aneroid wall type

Barometer aneroid demostration

Barometer fortins

Brush test tube

Brush test tube cotton end

Brush test tube fan end

Brush beaker

Brush bottle wooden handle

Brush burrete

Brush flask

Bottle mt cartney

Bottle eye

Bottle weighing

Bunsen burner

Bunsen burner with stop cock

Bunsen burner maker

Burettes mohar clip neutral glass

Burettes stop cock neutral glass

Burette stop cock borosilicate glass

Burette rota flow-single bore

Burette ptfe key-single bore

Boss head

Boss head

Boss head

Boss head

Centrifuge hand driven

Centrifuge tubes

Centrifuge laboratory

Clamp universal

Clamp retort two prong

Clamp retort three prong

Clamp retort four prong

Clamp burrete double

Clip mohr's iron c.p.

Clip mohr's iron c.p with thumb

Clip hoffman's

Clips crocodile

Condensor air

Condensor liebig

Condensor liebig with socket and cone

Condensor allihn

Condensor graham

Cork borer

Cork boring machine

Cork borer sharpner

Cork pressure

Cork wooden

Cork rubber

Cork silicon


Hygrometer hair

Laboratory jack

Lever balance dual scale

Hot plate with magnetic stirrer

Measuring tape

Melting point apparatus

Meter rule

Periodic table of atoms

Ph indicator

Ph meter digital

Pipette bulb rubber

Pipette dropping

Pipette serological/graduated

Pipette bulb teet

Pipette microlitre variable volume

Pipette microlitre fixed volume

Pipette glass bulb form

Platinum electrodes

Polarimeter senior

Retort ring

Retort stand base and rod

Retort stand base and rod

Funnel seperating-stop cock

Funnel seperating - rota flow stop cock

Funnel seperating - ptfe stop cock

Funnel stand wooden

Spatula chattaway

Spatula pellet style

Spatula s.s one side spoon

Spatula both side flat

Spirit lamp glass hexagonal

Spirit lamp metallic

Salt bridge

Stirrer laboratory

Stop watch mechanical

Stop watch digital

Stop clock

Crucible tong

Mercury tong

Beaker tong

Flask tong

Test tube glass

Test tube holder cross pattern

Test tube holder sliding

Test tube holder all wooden

Test tube side arm

Test tube stand wooden

Thermometer max & min

Thermometer clinical

Thermometer wall, wooden base

Thermometer wall, plastic base

Thermometers mercury/red spirit

Thermometers wet & dry

Tripod stand

Universal clamp


Water bath hemispherical copper

Water bath hemispherical aluminium

Water bath cylindrical aluminium

Water bath electrical

Water bath 6 holes

Water bath 6 holes double walled

Water tap swan neck

Gas tap

Hoffman voltameter with packing

Hygrometer wet and dry

Wire gauge

Black board geomatrical set

Butterfly net faraday

Carbon electrodes

Charcoal borer

Crucibles silicon/nickel

Drawing board

First aid kit

Tube glass

Tube capillary

Tube delivery

Tube rubber

Tube rubber extra soft

Tube silicon

Tube latex

Cobalt glass

Heating mantle

Hot plate

Ostward viscometer


Water still

Muffle furnace

Wire copper

Wire nichrome

Wire manganin

Wire eureka/constantin

Weight box physical

Weight box chemical

Weights fractional

Weight in series

Weight for sonometer

Weights of masses slotted brass


Contact key single

Analog multimeter

Knife switch one way

Knife switch two way

Plug key one way

Plug key three way

Four way key / commutator

Hexa keys

Reversing keys

Digital multimeter m-830 b

Insulated socket terminal

Insulated spade adopter

Spade connectors

Banana plugs

Flexible leads pvc

Flexible leads pvc

Flexible leads pvc

Daniel cell

Electric bell

Electric bell demonstration

Weather vane

Demonstration dynamo model

Westminister electromagnetic kit

Power supply for electromagnetic kit

Induced current apparatus

Induction coil

Demonstration induction coil

Lechlanche cell

Post office box, plug type

Post office box, wheatstone bridge

Solar cell unit

Mini motor unit

Power supply digital

Low voltage power supply-ac/dc 10 amp.

Low voltage power supply - ac/dc 3 amp.

Diode valve mounted

Triode valve mounted

Photo electric cell unit

N-p-n transistor unit

P-n-p transistor unit

Zener diode unit

Resistance substitution box

Variable capacitors

Biot's apparatus


Resistance coils

Resistance box, plug type


Simple cell complete

Plates for simple cell

Telegraph set, vertical type

Telegraph set, lecture pattern







Tangent galvanometer

Multimeter analog

Multimeter model digital


Ebonite rod

Electric whirl

Electrostatic kit

Glass rod

Gold leaf electroscope

Gold leaves

Ice pails, faraday

Van de graaf generator(h/driven)

Van de graaf generator(electrical)

Whimshirt machine

Polythene rod

Wool cloth

Pith ball electroscope

Four stroke diesel engine model

Two stroke diesel engine model

Four stroke petrol engine model

Two stroke petrol engine model model

Bar & guage

Calorimeter copper

Compound bar

Convection of heat in air apparatus

Crook's radiometer single

Expansion of liquids apparatus

Fly wheel

Hope's apparatus

Hypsometer, regnault

Engine hauze's apparatus

Calorimeter joule's

Model of steam engine

Model of steam engine with boiler

Ball & ring

Thermo conductivity of metals

Set of rods for thermal conductivity experiments

Set of specific heat cylinders

Thermo couple copper contantan

Thermo couple copper iron

Platinum resistance thermometer


Thermal conductivity of copper

Metal cubes set of 6

Linear expansion apparatus

Steam boiler

Steam generator

Bar magnet chrome steel

Bar magnet ceramic with pvc cover

Barlow wheel

Bar magnet alnico

Electro magnet

Floating ring magnet

Bar magnet cylindrical alnico

Horse shoe magnet chrome steel

Magnetic field apparatus

Magnetic needle on stand

Magnetising and demagnetising coils

Deflection magnetometer

Meriner compass

Pocket compass

Plotting compass

U-shape magnets

Ring magnet ceramic

Dip needle

Dip circle


Oested's apparatus

Apparatus to show force on conductor in magnetic field

Tuning fork electrically maintained

Melde's apparatus

Boyle's law

Capillary tubes apparatus

Centi second timer

Compound pendulam / kater's pendulam

Metal cylinders set of 6

Displacement vessel

Dynamic trolley

Elastic material kit

Force board

Force pump on stand

Force table

G by free fall apparatus

Hare's apparatus

Hook's law apparatus

Hydraulic press

Hydrostatic balance

Inclined plane

Kinetic theory kit

Lever kit

Lift pump on stand

Liquid level apparatus

Magdeburg hemisphere

Transformer for ticker tape timer


Material kit solid

Vibration / oscillation box

Project tile apparatus

Pulley metal

Pulley plastic

Set of masses slotted brass

Simple pendulam with metal rings

Spring balance gram / newton

Searles surface tension balance

Ticker tape timer ac

Ticker tape timer dc

Wheel & axle

Young's model apparatus

Vernier calliper

Vernier calliper ime

Micrometer/screw guage

Geomatrical figure set

Diffraction grating

Glass block rectangular

Specific gravity bottle

Charle's law apparatus

Metal rivets

Mirror holder

Battery hydrometer

Lens concave spherical

Lens convex

Lens double spherical

Lens holder

Lens set of 6

Light box and optical set

Magnifier reading glass

Mirror plane

Newton colour disc

Optical bench single rod

Optical bench double rod

Optical bench wooden

Physics optic kit

Prism hollow glass

Prism glass

Cylinderical lens for ray box

Reading telescope

Gas discharge tube set of 6

Newton's ring apparatus

X-ray tube roentgen

Spectrum tubes

Power supply h.t

Shadow effect electromagnet

Rectilinear propagation

Repilsion tube gold steen's

Mechanical effect

Magnetic effect deflection

Shadow effect maltese cross

Heating effect platinum foil

Heating effect wax coating

Beehive shelves

Aids virus

Human urinary organs

Muscle figure

Human female pelvis, 2 part

Human male pelvis

Pregnancy pelvis with baby

Amoeba proteus

Amoeba proteus 2 parts


Paramecium 2 parts

Model of hydra

Earthworm disection

Cockroach anatomy

Malarial parasite life history

Anatomy of starfish

Fish dissection

Animal cell

Animal cell division, meiosis

Model of d.n.a.

Model of r.n.a.

Frog dissection

Frog development

Bird dissection

Development of chick

Dicot stem anatomy t.s. & l.s.

Dicot stem t.s.

Leaf anatomy

Isobilateral leaf

Monocot leaf t.s.

Dicot leaf t.s.

Root anatomy

Monocot root t.s.

Dicot root t.s.

Monocot stem anatomy t.s. & l.s.

Human lung, right

Human head and brain

Human head and neck l.s.

Human brain, 4 part

Human nose, l.s.

Human eye, 3 times enlarged

Human eye, 5 times enlarged

Human circulatory system

Human digestive system

Human respiratory system

Intestinal vills


Human eye with lid

Human eye in bony orbit

Eye model on bony base

Human heart and lungs

Human heart with lungs & larynx

Human heart extra large

Human nervous system

Human kidney l.s.

Human kidney with adrenal gland

Human spinal cord

Kidney section ,nephrons,blood vessels and renal corpuscle

Kidney with bladder

Human tooth, molar

Human tooth, upper triple root

Human upper and lower jaw

Human lower jaw with teeth

Human teeth with tongue

larynx, 2 parts

Larynx, 3 parts

Embryonic development (period of gestation)

Human skull

Human skeleton

Stand for human skeleton

Skeleton model, miniature

Typical flower

Typical flower l.s.

Typical plant cell

Plant cell

Fertilisation of angiosperms



Pipette pump

Dropping bottles

Reagent bottles(narrow mouth)

Reagent bottles(wide mouth)

Aspirator bottles

Beakers(euro design)

Wash bottles

Wash bottles(new type)

Conical flask

Fisher clamp

Funnel holder

Seperatory funnels holder

Flask stand


Retort stand


Dessicator (plain)

Stop cocks

Kipp's apparatus

Funnels-long stem

Buchner funnel

Petri dish

Crystal model set

Coplin jar

Slide mailer

Slide box

Micro centrifuge tube

Float rack

Mct twin rack

Pcr tube rack

Mct box

Centrifuge tube conical bottom

Centrifuge tube round bottom

Oak ridge centrifuge tubes

Sample container(screw type)

Ria vial

Test tube cap

Storage vial


Scintillation vial

Rack for scintillation vial

Cryo vial

Cryo coders

Cryo rack

Cryo box

Micro tip box

Immunology plates

Volumatric flask

Petri dish (disposable)

Rack for petri dishes

Test tube stand

Test tube stand (round)

Test tube stand-p.p (3 tier)

Test tube stand-p.c (3 tier)

Rack for micro centrifuge tube

Test tube stand (wire pattern)

test tube baskets

Pipette stand(horizontal)

Pipette stand (vertical)

Pipette stand (94 pipette-rotary)

Measuring cylinders

Measuring jugs

Conical measures

Seperatory funnel


Pneumatic trough

Plantation pots

Laboratory tray

Magenta box

Storage boxes

Simple cell pot

Leclanche cell pot

Sample container (press & fit type)


Animal cage

Cryo box(pp)

ice bucket

Measuring cylinder hexagonal

Measuring cylinder pentagonal

Pipette box

Reagent reservoir

Ria vial with screw cap

Stool container

Urine container

Storage vial with o-ring

Storage vial-internal thread

Utility tray

Aspirator bottle

Eye wash bottle

Battery chargers

Dc regulated power supply

Dual channel continously variable dc regulated power supplies a

Dual channel continuously variable dc regulated power supplies b

Standard cell substitute

Electroforsis power supply

Fixed output dc regulated powers supplies

Diode valve characteristics apparatus with dc regulated power supply

Triode valve characteristics apparatus with dc regulated power supply

Tetrode/pentode valve characteristics apparatus with dc regulated power supplies.

Plank’s constant apparatus

Ionization potential of mercury using thyratron valve 2d21

Transistor characteristics apparatus with regulated power supply

Scr characteristics apparatus with regulated power supply

Fet characteristics apparatus with regulated power supplies

Semiconductor diode/pn junction diode characteristics apparatus with regulated power supplies

Voltage stablization characteristics of zener diode (without load resistances)

Zener diode characteristics apparatus

Thermistor characteristics apparatus

Energy band gap of pn junction diode

Ujt characteristics apparatus with regulated power supplies & round meters.

Mosfet characteristics apparatus with regulated power supplies & round meters.

Diac characteristics apparatus with two meters & regulated power supply.

Triac characteristics apparatus with regulated power supplies

Ldr characteristics apparatus

Solar cell characteristics apparatus

Varification of network theorms

Measurement of peak, average & rms value of a ac signal.

Verification of kcl and kvl

Resistances in series & parallel apparatus.

Bh curve apparatus

Convertion of galvanometer into a voltmeter

Convertion of galvanometer into a currentmeter

Lcr resonance apparatus

Lcr impediance circuit apparatus

Clipping & clamping circuit apparatus.

Half wave/full wave & bridge rectifier apparatus with 2 meters.

Rc coupled transistor amplifier

Common emitter transistor amplifier

Study of applications of operational amplifier.

E/m by thompson method

Hartley oscillators.

Colpitt oscillator.

Phase shift oscillator

Wein bridge oscillator

Logic gates using ttl ic’s (6 in 1)

Verification of boolean identities & demorgan’s theorems.

Study of 4 bit adder and subtractor

Digital trainer to study & verify truth tables of flip flops.

Study of 4-1line (four input & one output)

Analog to digital (a/d) convertor

Study of arithmatic logic unit (alu)

Vacuum tube volt-ohmeter (vtvm)

Audio frequency function generator

Sine/square oscillator 1 hz - 1 mhz.

Fixed frequency sine wave oscillator 1 mhz.


Carrier tray

Cryo vial-internal thread

Hirsch funnel

Porous pot cylindrical

Evaporating basins squat form(china dish)

Evaporating basins tall form(china dish)

Clay pipe triangle

Mortar and pestle

Buchner funnels

Dessicator plate

Crucible squat form

Crucible gooch

Combustion boat


Crucible tall form

Power supply e.h.t

Magnifier folding


Optical disc

Ray box

Reading telescope with scale

Spectrometer intermediate

Spectrometer prism


Linear air track and accessories

Pin hole camera

Dropping bottle with screw cap

Dropping bottle with teet

Crucible silica with lid

Crucible silica without lid

Silica thimbles

Silica rubber cork

Silica rubber tubing

Glass beads

Decade inductance box

Auto transformers(variac)

Demostration/demountable transformers


Forceps, pointed ends

Medical microscope

Monocular research microscope

Binocular microscope

Connection tube u shaped with side arm

Bottle filling machine

Tablet coating pan

Tablet counting device

Tablet triturate moulds

Hand grinding mill

Powder filling and sealing machine

Bottle sealing machine

Tablet filling machine manual

Tablet hardness tester pfizer type

Tube crimping and sealing machine

Oven hot air universal

Atomic model set

Draining rack

Nester cylinder stand

Air pump

Blow pipe

Charcoal block

Clamp burrete single

Pipette microlitre tips

Pipette filler

Bell in vaccum

Expansion apparatus

Geissler's tube

Organ pipe

Resonance apparatus

Ripple tank

Silk cloth


Tuning fork on resonance

Tuning fork set of 8

Plug key two way

Wave hulix

Wave hulix (slinky)

Wave machine powell

Wave motion apparatus

Whirling machine / table or siran

Filter paper

Ph meter portable pen type

Demostration meter

Semi circular glass block

Animal cell division mitosis

Root tip of the fern

Human development detachable

Human development non-detachable

Reagent bottles(narrow mouth) with screw cap

Friction rod set of 6

Iron filling's

Abbe refractometer

Adjustable stand

Advance rotary microtome

Aeration tube

Air conditioner

Air curtains

All glass distillation set

Activity cage

Ampul filling & sealing machine (electric operated)

Analytical balances

Analytical weight box


Anatomical specimen

Antibiotic zone reader

Arterial cannula

Aseptic cabinet

Atomic models

Autoclave-single chamber

autoclave-double chamber

b.o.d. incubator

b p apparatus

ball mill, motor driven

Balance torsion type

Balance for weighing small animals

Binocular microscope

Blister pack/strip pack machine


boss head


bulk density apparatus

Bunsen burner with regulating box



Camera lucida

Centrifuge machine

Chart cabinet

Charts human physiology

Charts (pharmacognosy)

Chemical balance

Circular drying stand


Clarity test equipment for ampuls

Colony counter

Collapsible tube filling machine

Compartment dryer (tray drier):


Contraceptive device

Cork borers

Cork boring machine

cover slip

crucibles and gooch crucibles (a)

cube mixer (roto cube)

cup vortex mixer - test tube mixer


Dessicators (soda glass)-a


Cylindrical tank

Digital spectrophotometer

Dissecting instrument box

Dissecting microscope

Dissecting surgical instrument set

Dissolution rate test equipment

Distillation still

Distillation still

Double cone blender

Double demonstration eye piece

Double unit organ bath

Drum paper clip:

Dry & wet bulb thermometer

E.c.g. machine

Electronic stimulator

Emulsifier (homogenizer)

Environment chamber (humidity chamber)


Eye piece with pointer

Fibre glass models

Filling machine :

Filteration equipment

First aid equipment

Flame photometer

Fludized bed dryer

Fractioning columns

Friability test apparatus

Frog board

Frontal writing lever:

Fume hood

Gas plant

Gas tap

Glass percolators

Granulating sieves

Hot extraction equipment


Hair dryer

Hand refractrometer erma japan:

Heating mantles

Histologist permanent slides:

Hoffman’s screw clip

Hot air sterilizer

Hot plates

Human skeleton



Incubator shaker

Indicator balance

Industrial mixing stirrer

Ir moisture balance

Karl fischer apparatus for moisture content determination

Kipp’s apparatus (soda glass)

Kjeldhal distillation unit

Kymograph papers

Lab centrifuge with tachometer

Lab. system analyser

Laboratory jack (kshitij) box type

Laminar air flow bench

Large adjustable stand

Leak testing equipment for strips

Long paper extension

Long paper smoker & varnisher

Lozenges board roller and punch

Lovibond colour comparator

Magnetic stirrer:

Mechanical flask shaker

Mechanical stirrer (laboratory stirrer)

Melting point apparatus

Membrane filter holder (s.s.)

Mettler balance (imported)

Microkjeldhal digestion and distillation unit (combined)

Micrometers eye piece

Micrometer screw gauge:


Medical microscope with oil immersion

Millipore filter holder assembly

Models (pharmacognosy)

Motor driven disintegrator

Molecular wt.determination apparatus

Nephelo meters (turbidity meters)

Oil bath

Ointment/cream filling machine

Ointment slabs

Ointment spatula

Ostwarlds, viscometers

Operation table large size

Over head projector

Package testing machine

Paper and gel electrophoresis apparatus

Pathological slides

Periodic table chart

Permanent slides:

Permanent slides (different type)

Pestle and mortar (glass)

Pestle and mortar (porcelain)

Pestile moulds

Pharmacognosy slides

Photo electric colorimeter

Photoelectric colorimeter erma japan


Photomicrographic equipment (trinocular microscope with micro photography system)

ph meter ‘digital

physical balance :

pill cutter

plastic - animal cage

platform balance

polarimeter (research model)

polarimeter (student)

polarising microscope

pole climbing apparatus

Powder folder / paper folder

Prescription balance

Precision melting point apparatus

Projection microscope

Projection screen

Rabbit cage

Respiratory pump

retort rings

Rotarod apparatus

Rotap shifter (mechanical shifter)

Rotary tablet machine

Rotary vacuum film evaporator (buchi type)

Rotary vacuum film evaporator (digital)

Rotational viscometer

Sand bath

Screw clips

Sealing machine

Senior rotary microtome (latest spencer type)

Serological water bath

Sherrington rotating drum

Sieves shakers (a- rotap motorise)

Sieves for powder shifting

Sigma blade mixer with jacket (powder mass mixer)

Silica crucible

simple levers

single pan balance

single stroke motor operated tablet machine

single (mono) unit organ bath

Sintered glass crucibles:

Sintered glass funnel with complete filtering assembly or filtering apparatus


Slide box

Slide cabinets (vertical position)

Slide cabinet

Slide cabinet-universal

Slide tray aluminium

smoking burner

smoking stand

Spare die & punch

Sparkler/s.s. filter press

Stability ovens (vacuum oven) round type

Stage micrometers


Sterling heart lever

Sterile gown storage cupboard

Sterility testing equipment

Stand plain

student kymograph assembly

student microscope

Student organ bath

stop watch

super speed centrifuge

super speed kymograph

Suppository moulds

Symes cannula

Tablet coating pan : 12" dia, stainless steel

Tablet disintegration test apparatus (single basket)

Tablet hardness tester monsanto type

Tablet hardness tester : pfizer type

Tablet machine hand operated



Thermostatic bath

Thin layer chromatograph apparatus (t.l.c kit)

Time marker

Tincture press

Tissue homogeniser

Tool box

Top loading balance


Tripple roller mill

Tripod stand

Tripod and retort stands (a)

Tube crimping and sealing machine

U.v. inspection cabinet long wave

varnishing tray brass/s.s

Venous cannula

Vernier callipers

Viscometer bath

Volatile oil determination apparatus

Vortex mixer

Watch glasses

Water deionization apparatus

Water tap swan neck type

Weight box (physical) tested

Wrist action shaker for flask

Zoology models (fibre glass model)

Audiogenic seizure test chamber

Audiogenic test chamber


Benedict roth recording spirometer(bmr)

Battery eliminator

Bicycle ergograph

Car apparatus

Columbia obstruction box

Digital chronoscope

Digital displayelapsed time apparatus

Digital display response time apparatus

Digital display multiple choice apparatus

Digital steadiness tester

Drop recording assembly

Dissolution rate test apparatus six stage

End runner

Engineering models

Ergograph moses

Floculator (jar test apparatus)

Hand centrifugal machine

Hand stabilimeter

Hebb’s william’s maze

lipstic mould

Modern operation table

Passive avoidance response apparatus


Plus elevated maze

Planetary mixer


Rajor sharpner

Rat holder assembly


Shock generator

Sodium lamp transformer

Soxhlet extraction


Surface tension capillary rising stand

Swimming test apparatus


Tray dryer

Water bath

Willy mill

Yerkes brightness discrimination apparatus

Drum upright

Slide cum strip projector

Analgesiometer contact heat type

crucibles and gooch crucibles (b)

Crucibles and gooch crucibles (c)

Dessicators (soda glass)-b

Tripod and retort stands (b)

Tripod and retort stands (c)

Universal handy refractometer

Sieves shakers (grytory motorised)

Sieves shakers (hand operated)

Slide cabinet(horizontal position)

Small disposable membrane fliters

Operattion table (small)

Operattion table (small stainless steel)

Operattion table (student animal table)

Operattion table (rat tilting)

Operattion table (rabbit)

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