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Fume hood  (Kilab 6627)


Fabricated out of thick wooden board or heavy gauge PCRC sheet mounted on sturdy angle iron frame. Fume Hoods are designed so as to throw-out all toxic/harmful vapors, thus protecting costly instruments and the person operating it. Outer is finished with sun mica or enamel paint and inner epoxy painted. Working tabletop is fitted with acid/alkali resistant tiles & a washbasin with connections provided inlet &outlet of water. the front door slides up &down on concealed counter balance weights. The unit is fitted with fluorescent light &gas cock for air/water supply.

Available in following sizes: (a) 4’x2’x2’ (b) 6’x2’x2’ (c) 5’x3’x2’ (d) 7’x3’x3’ (e) 8’x3’x3’

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES (a) Exhaust system complete with motor and blower assembly& installation. (b) PVC fume duct (per running feet). (c) Storage compartments underneath working table top.
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Fume hood Manufacturer, Fume hood Exporter, Fume hood Supplier, Fume hood India